I work in Film. I live in Martial Arts. I thrive in Imagination.

About My Books

A weary FBI agent pulls on a thread during an investigation, leading to an international conspiracy to start a Global War. And it begins with a single briefcase...

Stealing Thunder Series

Volumes 1 to 6

I was always intrigued with the action and drama of geopolitics - history, geography and more - as rival civilizations and entities compete on the world stage. I really enjoyed the Tom Clancy books whereby a single individual like Jack Ryan could make a difference in world affairs.

I wrote "Stealing Thunder" when seeing China's push into the Senkaku Islands (Japan) and the South China Sea which brings China into conflict with a dozen countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan. In addition, China's continued proclamation to take over Taiwan added to the mix.

All in all, I really enjoy the derring-do of the Individual fighting for a cause and the Truth of the matter, particularly in light of the government's need for secrecy.

Murder Mystery - A young American girl is murdered in Paris accidentally involving a Defense Analyst who pulls on a thread...bringing him deeper into the Investigation with a French politice detective.

A Cold Death

An Aristotle Witzer Murder Mystery Set in Paris

Paris! A magical and mysterious city for me whereby so many centuries of history just pile on each other with layers of art, philosophy, science, history and the crossroads of European civilization.

In many ways, I have an affinity for France as "Mandaville" was originally "Mand-e-ville" in all likelihood so my French Norman roots are apparent. I am studying French and go to France on occasion to utterly demolish the beautiful language.

Without the French help at the Chesapeake and loans from the French King, American might not have happened. We are brothers and, like brothers, scrap once in a while. So I wrote this mystery and am working on a sequel to dive back into Paris.

Literary- A young teenage boy is dying of cancer and now blind. He wants to go on a trip around the world. So he visits his uncle, an actor, who takes him on this trip without ever leaving his house. The sounds and voices and feeling of a voyage starts in the Heart.


A Literary Work

This novel has been a challenge over many years to get it just the way I wanted it. But I'm glad that the work now rings true with me. I was influenced by the magical realism sensibility to a great degree but also Fitzgerald and, strangely, Dos Passos.

My own personal Journey figures in the book with the manner of Imagination embraced in our everyday world whereby the wonderful outlook of possibility shines through our most difficult circumstances.

Hardboiled Detective Fiction- A San Francisco detective dives deep into a murder investigation, drawn in by a rich shipping heiress, waterfront corruption and Nazis bringing the war to America. Murder, Nazis & Romance set in 1940

A Cold Death

A Nick Blaine Murder Mystery in San Francisco

I always loved the books of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and others like Jim Thompson. While many are noir, hardboiled detective fiction mixes well in this world - at least to me. In this case, San Francisco and Los Angeles seem the most fitting home for these genres.

I enjoyed the

Originally, "A Cold Knife in a Warm Back" started off as a script but moved right into novel mode. The snappy comebacks and down trodden characters just come alive for me off the page.