I work in Film. I live in Martial Arts. I thrive in Imagination.

About My Book - "A Cold Death"

Murder Mystery - A young American girl is murdered in Paris accidentally involving a Defense Analyst who pulls on a thread...bringing him deeper into the Investigation with a French politice detective.

A Cold Death

An Aristotle Witzer Murder Mystery Set in Paris

Paris! A magical and mysterious city for me whereby so many centuries of history just pile on each other with layers of art, philosophy, science, history and the crossroads of European civilization.

In many ways, I have an affinity for France as "Mandaville" was originally "Mand-e-ville" in all likelihood so my French Norman roots are apparent. I am studying French and go to France on occasion to utterly demolish the beautiful language.

Without the French help at the Chesapeake and loans from the French King, American might not have happened. We are brothers and, like brothers, scrap once in a while. So I wrote this mystery and am working on a sequel to dive back into Paris.