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About My Book - "A Cold Knife In a Warm Back"

Hardboiled Detective Fiction- A San Francisco detective dives deep into a murder investigation, drawn in by a rich shipping heiress, waterfront corruption and Nazis bringing the war to America. Murder, Nazis & Romance set in 1940

A Cold Knife In a Warm Back

A Nick Blaine Murder Mystery in San Francisco

I always loved the books of Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and others like Jim Thompson. While many are noir, hardboiled detective fiction mixes well in this world - at least to me. In this case, San Francisco and Los Angeles seem the most fitting home for these genres.

I enjoyed the

Originally, "A Cold Knife in a Warm Back" started off as a script but moved right into novel mode. The snappy comebacks and down trodden characters just come alive for me off the page.