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About Stealing Thunder Series

A weary FBI agent pulls on a thread during an investigation, leading to an international conspiracy to start a Global War. And it begins with a single briefcase...

Stealing Thunder Series

Volumes 1 to 6

I was always intrigued with the action and drama of geopolitics - history, geography and more - as rival civilizations and entities compete on the world stage. I really enjoyed the Tom Clancy books whereby a single individual like Jack Ryan could make a difference in world affairs.

I wrote "Stealing Thunder" when seeing China's push into the Senkaku Islands (Japan) and the South China Sea which brings China into conflict with a dozen countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Taiwan. In addition, China's continued proclamation to take over Taiwan added to the mix.

All in all, I really enjoy the derring-do of the Individual fighting for a cause and the Truth of the matter, particularly in light of the government's need for secrecy.

Where Did I get the Idea?

From China's own History...

The green dashes appeared in China's maps sometimes after the end of World War II. Known as the Nine-Dash or Eleven Dash (removed to appease North Vietnam), the map lays claims to a vast area of the South China Sea with gas and oil reservs - and massive strategic positioning.

Since 2000, China has militarized, expanded and settled numerous islands, shoals and islets for military observation posts and more.

You can read more about the Nine Dash line here.