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Putting Pen to Paper Keeps the Mind Sharp


Why Writing?

All that chatter in one's brain?! Cured for me by writing down my thoughts and forcing my brain to clarify and order them. To pick the words for precision. The order of the words to clarify thinking. Perhaps this effort is a constant Socratic forum for my brain to achieve more and more.

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Create Your Systems: Improve Your Life

October 30, 20233 min read


This effort is not as crazy as it sounds for you, an Individual, to "Create Your Own System(s)".   I've told this to many people who immediately get pictures of huge computer server farms, blueprints or a floor factory and a lot, lot more.  

That is NOT it in this Lesson.   Yes, these are huge systems.  But let's bring "Create Our Own Systems" down to the basic level:  Laundry & a Teenager

The Teenage Test

I've been on this path so I know.  You want your child (which could be an employee, associate, friend, co-workers, fill in your own blank) to take charge and accomplish a task.  

Option 1: Go through verbally explaining the entire process over and over with building frustration, miscommunication and more. 

Option 2:  Write down the specific steps, one by one on a laminated card if necessary to create a 'system' including days and times (e.g. Sunday and Wednesday) for the work to be done. 

Clearly, Option 2 is the winner.  What is your time expended?  Writing down the process clearly so that it is understood and repeatable.  Repeatable is key.  That makes it a system!

Now, I used the Laundry and Teenager example because Laundry is a necessary skill for life.  And a Teenager can be an ultimately frustrating creature!  When I note about the 'Independence' acquired in this process, the Freedom here applies not only to your teenager (or co-worker, friend, associate, loved one) but also for you!

How To Think In Terms of Systems

Do not freak out with the words "Create Your Own Systems".  You work within them all the time - so take a System Creating Mentality to benefit yourself not just the Sytems that you must exist inside. 

Start Simple with in this way with three Systems:

Home: Create a "System" to make your home life more efficient and pleasurable.  This could start with a checklist of chores that you do every Sunday. 

Work:  Create one "System" in order to get more time, less anxiety and perhaps more recognition at work.  Perhaps this system might be organizing a monthly report or data organization or any other task. 

Your Goals:  Create a "System" to attain an important New Personal Goal.  Perhaps you want to get better physical health.  Make a chart and put it up on a wall (make it visual so this goal is now always on your radar) such as 

•Do 10 pushups in the morning

•Healthy Breakfast

•Lite dinner - salad

Three things but with a checklist so each day you are building Momentum.  

Build on Momentum

What is Momentum?  Definition:  strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events

You are laying Bricks toward your Goal.  That's Momentum. 

A System must be written down and refined.  One page.  Handwritten, typed, whatever.  For specific information, check out the Create a System Checklist Lesson in this Section. 

In this section, we take your bricklaying (task, actions) leading to your Cathedral (Your WHY, Goal) and create a supercharging engine around the bricklaying.  In essence, a System of your own making will take your efforts and streamline them. 

Now, go take action. Gain Momentum.

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